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Web Marketing Weekly Show – Press Release

February 22, 2010 2 comments

Salt Lake City, UT Feb 19, 2010 – Janet Thaeler and Nigel Swaby interviewed 3-time Olympian Devon Harris on the Web Marketing Weekly Show.

The “Web Marketing Weekly Show” podcast airs each Wednesday at 2 pm MST (1pm PST, 3pm CST, 4pm EST). This was a special broadcast on a Friday – so the hosts could interview Harris live from the Vancouver Olympics.

Since competing, Harris has become an author and a public speaker. His childrens book “Yes I Can” tells the story of the Jamaican bobsled team and what they overcame to make it to the Olympics.  He shared what he’s learned about marketing starting from this experience.

3 Tips to Gold Medal Marketing

1. Train like an Olympian.
As a public speaker he studies other speakers to see how they express themselves. He practices his speeches over and over again even if he knows the material. “Study your craft like an Olympian,” he said.

2. When business is slow, create more value.
There are seasons in a business and during slower times, create something new. Harris applied this concept when he had less speaking engagements. He wrote a book during that time which he now sells at his speeches. When work returned, he emerged more marketable.

3. Forget perfection – get it done.
Harris explained that Microsoft ships product then creates patches to address the problems. You don’t need a book publicist to market a book – he went to book stores on his speaking trips and arranged book signings. You don’t need perfect video of your speaking – have a friend take footage of your speaking for your web page. You can always improve it later, but have something ready now.

Find out more about Harris online at

The next episode of the Web Marketing Weekly Show will feature author Josh Peters who will give tips on using Twitter taken from his book, “TwittFaced.”

Listeners can interact via IM during the show and submit questions online. Questions can be emailed, submitted online or phoned in and will be answered on air.  Or, submit questions on Twitter at @Newspapergrl or @seobyswaby.

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About Janet Thaeler
Janet Thaeler is an Online PR professional. She’s the author of the book, I Need a Killer Press Release Now What?? that shows small businesses how to create news and get to the top of search engines. She blogs at and She’s a regular contributor to Anita Campbell’s Small Business Trends and The American Express Small Business Forums. She has presented at major universities, PR associations and on numerous other occasions.

About Nigel Swaby
Nigel Swaby is a Salt Lake City Web marketing specialist. He founded an Internet marketing business called Swaby Online Media and has 12 years of industry experience. He has been featured in USA Today, taught a class on blogging at The University of Utah, was recently featured in Utah Pulse Magazine and is the business insight examiner for In his free time Nigel enjoys writing, golf and college football. His Web site is


Utah Real Estate – Press Release

February 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Salt Lake City, UT, February 12, 2010

With new home sales off from the peak, Utah’s home builders are looking for every advantage in selling their products. Garbett Homes, one of Utah’s top homebuilders, is positioning itself as Utah’s “Greenest” Builder. Without increasing prices for environmental efficiency, Garbett is producing comfortably sized solar powered and thermal powered homes at Daybreak in South Jordan, aptly named the Solaris collection. More information about Garbett’s green building techniques can be found at

In today’s economic climate, people are more conscious of conserving energy and money. “Garbett Homes is pleased to be contributing to the community and environment by building homes that use less energy and produce less waste,” said Rene Oehlerking, Marketing Director. “We’re focused on providing this technology and these benefits without having our customers have to pay a premium,” he continued. All Garbett homes are also built to the 100% Energy Star specification that dramatically decreases monthly energy bills for homeowners.

The technology behind the Solaris collection at Daybreak is the result of a collaboration with California based firm KTGY Architects and PVT Solar. Featuring contemporary designs, the Solaris collection boasts finished space of 2200 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths, a two-car garage and fenced yard. Powering these ideal homes for first time buyers are built-in solar panels that automatically convert sunlight into electricity even on a cloudy day. Unlike other “green” homes on the market, Solaris is built economically and doesn’t cost any more to the buyer than homes that are less environmentally friendly.


Author’s Contest Creates Best-Sellers – Press Release

February 4, 2010 1 comment

Salt Lake City, UT, February 3, 2010 — Would you like to become a best-selling author? That’s the prize authors win by getting the most votes in the Wake Up Celebrity Author contest. Last year’s winner, Kurt Philip Behm, won $12,000 worth of promotion and wound up number 83 on Barnes &’s best-seller list. Authors can enter the contest at for a nominal entry fee of $50.

Contest promoter Phil Davis says, “The contest is valuable even to authors who don’t win one of our five top prizes. It’s much easier to promote a book by asking people to ‘vote’ for it instead of ‘buying’ it.” Many of the authors who participated in last year’s contest found the experience to be invaluable because of the way the voting structure was organized. Voters must leave feedback on the book cover, title and book excerpt in order to cast their ballot.

Kurt Behm won last year’s contest with his book The Death of the Playground. Like other authors, he found the feedback from voters to be the most valuable. “People took the time to leave several paragraphs of comments or even email me personally. I thought if people read the review I had a pretty good chance of them buying the book. I can’t tell you how many responses I got where people said they had just called and ordered the book from Amazon or Barnes & Noble. I heard that over and over again,” said Behm. The contest began a soft launch in mid-January and will conclude on March 31, 2010. Winners of this year’s contest will be announced in early April.

Utah SEO Company Issues 90 Day Social Media Challenge – Press Release

February 3, 2010 1 comment

Online PR News – 01-February-2010 – A Utah search engine optimization company is saying a website isn’t necessary to be successful on the Internet. Swaby Online Media has issued a ninety day challenge to drive traffic and sales to a credit card processing company using only social media sites Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Merchant services executive Lisa Wise will record amateur videos and use social media to drive traffic and sales to her business. More details can be found on her Facebook page –

“Social media is going to be a driving force on the Internet this year,” says company owner Nigel Swaby. “If you don’t believe me, ask Pepsi why they pulled their Superbowl budget after 23 years and shifted it to social media,” he challenged. In today’s economy, many budding entrepreneurs don’t have the budget or technical knowledge to develop a website, but they are adopting social media tools like Facebook and Twitter in droves. More and more businesses are interested in tapping into the commerce aspect of social media.

One of the big benefits of a website is every activity on the site can be measured to determine an accurate return on investment. Since social media sites are third parties, adding tracking code is impossible. Swaby says, “While adding tracking code is impossible, it is still possible to measure the success of the 90 challenge by counting Twitter followers and Facebook fans. We’re also using to shorten URLs and the service adds a tracking component many people are unaware of. Ultimately we’re going to measure the success of this campaign by the number of sales and new customers that come on board.” The success of this challenge would be of benefit to individual sales people and franchise owners who have limited access to websites as marketing tools. Interested viewers can follow the success of the project on Facebook, Twitter ( and the Swaby Online Media blog (

Personal Family Physicians Press Release

December 10, 2009 Leave a comment

Dr. Michael Jennings is opening a revolutionary medical practice right here in Salt Lake City.  Geared for small businesses, entrepreneurs, the uninsured and uninsurable, this medical practice offers a direct pay program that works for many people.  You can find the practice at  Here’s the press release that came out Monday –


Salt Lake City, UT, December 7, 2009 — Finding a doctor that doesn’t require health insurance sounds as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. Personal Family Physicians, a new Salt Lake City family practice, wants to remove the insurance company from the doctor/patient relationship by providing a direct care program designed for the uninsured or uninsurable. Small businesses and entrepreneurs may also find the direct care model attractive. The office opens December 7, 2009. Complete practice details are available on the Internet at

Dr. Michael Jennings founded the practice to change the way healthcare operates in America. “By offering a direct care solution, we help small businesses and families get the healthcare they need,” said Dr. Jennings. “Healthcare shouldn’t be about insurance, it should be about serving the patient’s needs. That’s the oath I took thirty years ago,” Jennings continued.

Personal Family Physicians can provide services to the uninsured and uninsurable in many cases. The new office is bringing hope to those who have “pre-existing” conditions most insurance companies won’t cover. It also provides an attractive financial alternative to small businesses that find it unaffordable to offer medical benefits to employees. The direct care model isn’t suitable for every patient, but Dr. Jennings offers a free consultation to determine whether his practice is a good match to the patient’s needs. “Ultimately I want the patient to decide if we are right for them. In most cases, I think the answer is ‘Yes’” he concluded.

Utah Seo Company Says Blogging Isn’t For Everyone – Press Release

November 25, 2009 Leave a comment

Salt Lake City, UT – 25-November-2009 – 95% of Internet blogs fail says an article by the New York Times, however, companies that are committed to blogging can still succeed says Utah SEO company SEO by Swaby. The Salt Lake City Internet firm provides solutions for small businesses across the Wasatch Front. Find them on the web at

“So many website options for small businesses exist these days,” says SEO by Swaby founder Nigel Swaby. “My ultimate task is to fit the right website solution to my client,” he continued. With blogs, websites and content management systems available, small business owners have more choices than ever. “It’s my job to use my experience to suggest the right solution for my clients,” said Swaby.

While Swaby himself uses blogs as a marketing tool, they’re not for everyone. He gets clients who he sets up with blogs to commit to the process. “For our business networking group that needs to make weekly updates, publishing a blog was a simple decision,” said Erin Norton, co-founder of Fiscal Networking. “SEO by Swaby asked us how attached we were to our current process and provided training to help us transition to a site we can update ourselves. While a blog was the right solution for us, it might not be for other companies and they presented all options to us,” she concluded.


Utah’s Top Blogger Press Release

October 2, 2009 Leave a comment


SALT LAKE CITY, UT – OCTOBER 2, 2009 – Social Media has become such a popular and growing trend for people and businesses to communicate, it’s hard to keep up.  At the heart of social media are blogs that are threatening to unseat traditional media as a source of news and expert commentary.  So who are the movers and shakers in Utah’s social media and how can their influence be measured?  That’s the question local web marketing company SEO by Swaby is asking.  The small business start-up is conducting a survey on who Utah’s top bloggers are.  Voters can find the poll at

The inspiration for the survey came while small business owner Nigel Swaby was researching his competitors.  “I found none of the local web marketing businesses that came up first on Google were actively blogging,” said Swaby.  “This survey is my attempt find who the best bloggers in Utah are, because I know we’ve got some,” he continued.  Indeed, the inspiration for many “mommy bloggers,” Heather Armstrong, is a top Utah blogger.

Utah’s top blogger contest will run through the end of October when the top five bloggers will be chosen based on popular vote.  To keep the competition fair, voters are to judge the contestants using criteria that will level the playing field.  The judging standards are based on:

Frequency of posts
Quality of posts
Sense of community on the blog

For additional information on the Utah’s top blogger contest, please go to

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