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Winners Of 2010 Utah Blogger Contest Announced

November 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Utah Internet marketing company SEO by Swaby is pleased to announce the winners of its Utah’s Top Blogger contest for 2010.

PRLog (Press Release)Nov 10, 2010 – Utah Internet marketing company SEO by Swaby is pleased to announce the winners of its Utah’s Top Blogger contest for 2010. This announcement concludes the month long contest that asked visitors to judge local blogs based on frequency of posts, quality of posts and the sense of community of the blog.

The winner of the contest is Connor Boyack, with Holly Richardson, Chad Waite, Nicole Warburton, and Eric Ethington as finalists.

This was the second Utah blogger’s competition and participation has grown significantly. “It was a much more spirited competition this year because there was a political election that fueled audiences.  We were very happy to see the number of bloggers interested in the contest grow as well as recieving 5 times as many votes as last year,” said Nigel Swaby.

The final list of nominees included:

Connor Boyack – Connor’s Connundrums
Holly Richardson  – Holly on the Hill
Chad Waite  – Daily Derbi
Nicole Warburton –Women Only
Eric Ethington – Pride in Utah
BenJoeMarkland  – From Where I Sit
Stephanie Nielson – NieNie Dialogues  (2nd year in a row)
Jesse Stay – Stay N’ Alive (2nd year in a row)
Phil Windley – Technometria
Misty Fowler – Saintless

The nominee list included a variety of Utah bloggers from various backgrounds including journalists, tech oriented writers, Internet marketers, real estate writers, infamous bloggers and “mom bloggers.” For additional information on the Utah’s top blogger contest, please go to

The winners were honored at an awards luncheon at Pierpont Place in downtown Salt Lake City. The top 5 winners were given prizes. Sarah Buhr of Salt Lake City’s Big Star PR was also a sponsor. Previous finalist Janet Thaeler (Newspapergrl blog) was a co-host.

Tune in to The Web Marketing Weekly Show for interviews with some of the winners.

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Utah’s Top Blogger Wrap Up

November 8, 2010 1 comment

The Utah’s top blogger contest isn’t quite over yet.  Though voting has ended, the official announcement won’t be made until Wednesday the 10th.

Congratulations to:

Connor Boyack
Holly Richardson  
Chad Waite  
Nicole Warburton 
Eric Ethington  
BenJoe Markland  
Stephanie Nielson  
Jesse Stay 
Phil Windley  
Misty Fowler

These are the top ten finalists of this years contest.  We will be having an awards luncheon on Wednesday November 10th, 12 pm at Pierpont Place in downtown Salt Lake.  We’ll announce the top 5 prize winners and hand out the prizes.

Please join us for a live podcast at 2 pm where we’ll broadcast the official announcement.

Utah’s Top Bloggers – 2010

October 7, 2010 6 comments

It’s that time of year!  What time?  Time to nominate and vote for Utah’s top bloggers.

Yes, this is a popularity contest, but I want to try and keep it fair. So, while you’ll have your favorite, please make your vote based on these conditions:

How often does your favorite blogger update?

How good are their posts?

How well does this blogger develop a sense of community?

Once you’ve answered those questions, please vote for one of the following top blogger nominees.  If someone you think deserves to be on this list, please enter their name on the poll.

Who are the nominees?

In no particular order, the nominees are:

Technology/Marketing Blogs

Mainstream Media Blogs

Deseret News Blogs

Ogden Standard Examiner

Salt Lake Tribune

In a league of their own (good)

In a league of their own (bad)

Real Estate Blogs

Political Blogs

Uncategorized Blogs

Go here to vote!

Notable News – MySpace is an Internet Ghetto

October 13, 2009 2 comments

ghetto myspaceCall it “byte flight” if you will, but MySpace is losing traffic to its social networking competitors and the transition is socio-economic in nature.

Much like the real life phenomenon of urban centers emptying during the latter part of the 20th century, MySpace users are migrating to Facebook and leaving their old, abandoned profiles creating a virtual ghetto.  Mashable says,

Numbers released by web analytics firm paint a terribly bleak picture for the future of MySpace

MySpace has lost 20% of its traffic since June.  CNN asks,

Is there a class divide online? Research suggests yes. A recent study by market research firm Nielsen Claritas found that people in more affluent demographics are 25 percent more likely to be found friending on Facebook, while the less affluent are 37 percent more likely to connect on MySpace.

The big question for the transition is why.  Is it because MySpace is more for teenagers who are now moving up to Facebook as they age?  Or is it an online mirror of real life society?  Perhaps the answer is more simple.  If you compare incomes of the 30 somethings that populate Facebook with the teenagers that dominate MySpace, you’ll always have a discrepancy in favor of the older generation.  Since Facebook is now open to everyone, it’s more natural that users have gone there.

I guess we’ll see how this all plays out.

Noteworthy News – Google Domestic Trends

September 8, 2009 1 comment


Google trends goes macro.  Great for forecasters and market research.

If you think about the millions of searches conducted daily using Google, (GOOG) there is reason to believe you ought to be able to divine patterns or trends from the activity. If everyone is searching for a particular song for example, you might expect that artist to climb the charts. If searches are fast and furious for a digital camera, sales ought to correspondingly increase.

Take a look for yourself here.

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