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Web Marketing Weekly Show – Press Release

Salt Lake City, UT Feb 19, 2010 – Janet Thaeler and Nigel Swaby interviewed 3-time Olympian Devon Harris on the Web Marketing Weekly Show.

The “Web Marketing Weekly Show” podcast airs each Wednesday at 2 pm MST (1pm PST, 3pm CST, 4pm EST). This was a special broadcast on a Friday – so the hosts could interview Harris live from the Vancouver Olympics.

Since competing, Harris has become an author and a public speaker. His childrens book “Yes I Can” tells the story of the Jamaican bobsled team and what they overcame to make it to the Olympics.  He shared what he’s learned about marketing starting from this experience.

3 Tips to Gold Medal Marketing

1. Train like an Olympian.
As a public speaker he studies other speakers to see how they express themselves. He practices his speeches over and over again even if he knows the material. “Study your craft like an Olympian,” he said.

2. When business is slow, create more value.
There are seasons in a business and during slower times, create something new. Harris applied this concept when he had less speaking engagements. He wrote a book during that time which he now sells at his speeches. When work returned, he emerged more marketable.

3. Forget perfection – get it done.
Harris explained that Microsoft ships product then creates patches to address the problems. You don’t need a book publicist to market a book – he went to book stores on his speaking trips and arranged book signings. You don’t need perfect video of your speaking – have a friend take footage of your speaking for your web page. You can always improve it later, but have something ready now.

Find out more about Harris online at http://www.devonharris.com

The next episode of the Web Marketing Weekly Show will feature author Josh Peters who will give tips on using Twitter taken from his book, “TwittFaced.”

Listeners can interact via IM during the show and submit questions online. Questions can be emailed, submitted online or phoned in and will be answered on air.  Or, submit questions on Twitter at @Newspapergrl or @seobyswaby.

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About Janet Thaeler
Janet Thaeler is an Online PR professional. She’s the author of the book, I Need a Killer Press Release Now What?? that shows small businesses how to create news and get to the top of search engines. She blogs at http://www.Newspapergrl.com and http://www.OnlinePRBook.com She’s a regular contributor to Anita Campbell’s Small Business Trends and The American Express Small Business Forums. She has presented at major universities, PR associations and on numerous other occasions.

About Nigel Swaby
Nigel Swaby is a Salt Lake City Web marketing specialist. He founded an Internet marketing business called Swaby Online Media and has 12 years of industry experience. He has been featured in USA Today, taught a class on blogging at The University of Utah, was recently featured in Utah Pulse Magazine and is the business insight examiner for Examiner.com. In his free time Nigel enjoys writing, golf and college football. His Web site is http://www.seobyswaby.com.

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  2. February 23, 2010 at 10:57 am

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