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Utah’s Top Blogger Press Release


SALT LAKE CITY, UT – OCTOBER 2, 2009 – Social Media has become such a popular and growing trend for people and businesses to communicate, it’s hard to keep up.  At the heart of social media are blogs that are threatening to unseat traditional media as a source of news and expert commentary.  So who are the movers and shakers in Utah’s social media and how can their influence be measured?  That’s the question local web marketing company SEO by Swaby is asking.  The small business start-up is conducting a survey on who Utah’s top bloggers are.  Voters can find the poll at https://seobyswaby.wordpress.com/utahs-top-bloggers/.

The inspiration for the survey came while small business owner Nigel Swaby was researching his competitors.  “I found none of the local web marketing businesses that came up first on Google were actively blogging,” said Swaby.  “This survey is my attempt find who the best bloggers in Utah are, because I know we’ve got some,” he continued.  Indeed, the inspiration for many “mommy bloggers,” Heather Armstrong, is a top Utah blogger.

Utah’s top blogger contest will run through the end of October when the top five bloggers will be chosen based on popular vote.  To keep the competition fair, voters are to judge the contestants using criteria that will level the playing field.  The judging standards are based on:

Frequency of posts
Quality of posts
Sense of community on the blog

For additional information on the Utah’s top blogger contest, please go to https://seobyswaby.wordpress.com/utahs-top-bloggers.

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