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Author’s Contest Creates Best-Sellers – Press Release

Salt Lake City, UT, February 3, 2010 — Would you like to become a best-selling author? That’s the prize authors win by getting the most votes in the Wake Up Celebrity Author contest. Last year’s winner, Kurt Philip Behm, won $12,000 worth of promotion and wound up number 83 on Barnes & Noble.com’s best-seller list. Authors can enter the contest at www.wakeupcelebrityauthor.com for a nominal entry fee of $50.

Contest promoter Phil Davis says, “The contest is valuable even to authors who don’t win one of our five top prizes. It’s much easier to promote a book by asking people to ‘vote’ for it instead of ‘buying’ it.” Many of the authors who participated in last year’s contest found the experience to be invaluable because of the way the voting structure was organized. Voters must leave feedback on the book cover, title and book excerpt in order to cast their ballot.

Kurt Behm won last year’s contest with his book The Death of the Playground. Like other authors, he found the feedback from voters to be the most valuable. “People took the time to leave several paragraphs of comments or even email me personally. I thought if people read the review I had a pretty good chance of them buying the book. I can’t tell you how many responses I got where people said they had just called and ordered the book from Amazon or Barnes & Noble. I heard that over and over again,” said Behm. The contest began a soft launch in mid-January and will conclude on March 31, 2010. Winners of this year’s contest will be announced in early April.

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