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Utah SEO Company Issues 90 Day Social Media Challenge – Press Release

Online PR News – 01-February-2010 – A Utah search engine optimization company is saying a website isn’t necessary to be successful on the Internet. Swaby Online Media has issued a ninety day challenge to drive traffic and sales to a credit card processing company using only social media sites Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Merchant services executive Lisa Wise will record amateur videos and use social media to drive traffic and sales to her business. More details can be found on her Facebook page – http://bit.ly/CCPFacebook.

“Social media is going to be a driving force on the Internet this year,” says company owner Nigel Swaby. “If you don’t believe me, ask Pepsi why they pulled their Superbowl budget after 23 years and shifted it to social media,” he challenged. In today’s economy, many budding entrepreneurs don’t have the budget or technical knowledge to develop a website, but they are adopting social media tools like Facebook and Twitter in droves. More and more businesses are interested in tapping into the commerce aspect of social media.

One of the big benefits of a website is every activity on the site can be measured to determine an accurate return on investment. Since social media sites are third parties, adding tracking code is impossible. Swaby says, “While adding tracking code is impossible, it is still possible to measure the success of the 90 challenge by counting Twitter followers and Facebook fans. We’re also using bit.ly to shorten URLs and the service adds a tracking component many people are unaware of. Ultimately we’re going to measure the success of this campaign by the number of sales and new customers that come on board.” The success of this challenge would be of benefit to individual sales people and franchise owners who have limited access to websites as marketing tools. Interested viewers can follow the success of the project on Facebook, Twitter (http://bit.ly/CCPTwit) and the Swaby Online Media blog (http://seobyswaby.com).

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    February 15, 2010 at 9:53 am

    Exactly. It’s not easy finding information on these things these days that doesn’t have a slant or where the writer isn’t just guiding you down a path which follows their own agenda, whether it’s to sell a product, a service or an idea. Give me the facts and let me decide – that’s what this article does. SEO Company


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