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Utah’s Top Blogger – Update and Write Ins

Here’s the mid-contest update for the 2010 Utah’s Top Blogger competition.  First of all, we’re off to a great start with twice as many votes as last year’s entire contest.  We’ve also got a bunch of great write in nominees.  Here’s who has made the ballot thanks to your suggestions:

In addition to the previous nominees, this will be the final list of bloggers on the ballot.  If you like a blogger and don’t see them on this list…it’s certainly not exhaustive…feel free to write them in.  Those votes will be counted.

The competition will be extended until November 7th.  At that point, winners will be announced and prizes will be awarded.  I’m still trying to find someone who will host a small awards lunch. (Hint, hint) 

Here are the top five results so far:

1.  Holly Richardson – 59%
2. Nicole Warburton – 13%
3. Jesse Stay – 3%
3 (t). Chad Waite – 3%
5. Phil Windley – 2%
5.(t) Misty Fowler – 2%

It’s still anybody’s contest, so share the poll on Twitter, Facebook and anywhere else you can and get voting for your favorite Utah blogger!

P.S. – Thanks for nominating Janet Thaeler’s Newspapergrl blog, but since she’s helping with the contest by giving away her PR book we decided not to allow her to compete this year.

  1. Nigel Swabey
    October 29, 2010 at 2:46 pm


    As someone who engages in organic SEO and paid search for his e-commerce web sites, I’m really puzzled by all this blogging and twittering. No offence intended but it all seems so trivial. There doesn’t appear to be any depth to the discussion of any of the issues.

    As the only namesake I have encountered worldwide, I guess I need to refine my Google alerts as you turn up in my inbox practically every day as the closest match to my name, albeit without the ‘e’ in the family name.

    I have no objective in contacting you other than to establish what you believe it is that everyone gets out of these blogs. They seem to be little more than a channel for self-expression. I just can’t see the benefit, other than in creating noise that the Google bots and other web crawlers might pick up and interpret as relevant content. If getting top positions on chosen search terms is the aim, then I guess it’s a means to a commercial end. Otherwise, I can’t see the point.

    Yours, rather mystified about what makes life tick in Utah, USA.



    • October 29, 2010 at 3:23 pm

      Funny! There’s actually another Nigel Swaby in the U.K. but he’s a motorcycle enthusiast, not a web marketer. I don’t blog as frequently any more due to time and due to the growing presence of Twitter as a better/faster way to make a point and reach new people.

      I reached you. Case in point!


      Another Nigel Swaby


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