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What Does Your Facebook Profile Picture Say About You?

Nina started a Facebook page for her experiment, gathering over 3,500 members, who shared their reasons for choosing their profile pictures, including:

  • “My profile photo is meant to give the impression that i possess a higher degree of gravitas and sophistication than i actualy do.”
  • “I never show me on my profile, I don’t want to make is easy for me to be found, because of work.”
  • “Mine shows my desire to be Grace Jones.”
  • “This is a photo of my bike, Doris.”
  • “Used to have my wedding photo, but separated and now it’s one of me at the local getting sloshed…”
  • “I like ducks. I particularly liked this duck.”

But with the benefit of a few demographic questions, Nina and Dr Hogan began to see some interesting trends.

“The theory we’re working with is that people want to make their Facebook profile attractive to other people, but it turns out that they do that in very different ways,” Dr Hogan said.

Some interesting thoughts here, but I’m not sure how scientific it really is. I change my photo around fairly frequently, but tend to use photos that have me in them. I did post a shark during “Shark Week” and have participated in a few Internet memes.

I suppose my photo depends on my mood, but will admit to posting things that accentuate the positive.

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