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Why I No Longer Care About Foursquare Points

In a blog post, Foursquare reminds us how mayorships work, writing that “you need to have checked in more days than anyone else over the last two months (60 days), so only one check-in per day counts.” Earlier this year, the service also introduced some new features to prevent so-called “gaming” of the mayorship system, an increasingly important issue as more brands begin to offer real world rewards for checkins.

After complaints from friends, I’ve finally decided to quit checking into my house or my work. At first I notified everybody of all my check ins, then I got unfriended. Then I decided I’d still check in to those places just for the points, but not tell anyone. Then I realized the utility of checking in for points just wasn’t worth it.

Now I only check in when I’m actually out and about and I do it for the mayorships. I noticed Radio Shack has a foursquare offer, 10% off just for checking in and 20% off for the mayor. Those are the levels of discounts they used to give employees and stock holders.

Foursquare now has a tool that will tell you when you’ll become mayor of a venue. No more visiting bogged down third parties for that info. Cool!

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