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Ignite Salt Lake 5

Ignite Salt Lake 5 is coming August 18th and I’m excited to be on the speaker’s list!  Many of you know I do presentations and classes locally, but the Ignite experience is completely different.

Unlike a regular presentation where the speaker has  a bit of time to make the speech, Ignite style talks are extremely regimented with only 20 slides being allowed, with 15 seconds per slide.  The total presentation is 5 minutes!

My topic is “How I got involved with the stupidest man on Earth and emerged unscathed (mostly).”  It’s a lesson in many things including reputation management and Internet transparency.

Tuesday night was the speaker’s dinner and orientation.  I learned a few things and met a bunch of people I’m eager to hear their talk!  Everyone is passionate about what they’re speaking about so I know this will be a great round of speakers.

I attended the event in March and was really pleased with the event.  So much so that I aspired to present myself.  When new speakers were solicited, I knew I wanted to be a part.  Thanks to help from Janet Thaeler, we came up with a winning idea that I’ll be presenting in a few short weeks.

Attending Ignite Salt Lake is free.  Be sure to get to the State Room early as the venue fills up quickly.


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