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Foursquare for Real – Day 10

Interesting enough, the teens who are active online are also social in other parts of their life. They are not nerds whose social skills are slowly eroding as they type away at their computers. These teens have active social lives and they are engaged in many ways (listening to music, reading newspapers, etc). They also buy more and like to share what they purchase with their friends (a brand’s dream come true, right?)

Here are some key points from the study:

  • online influencers more likely than the average teen to participate in social media activities, such as updating their status at least once per day or sending 3,000 texts per month
  • they also spend more time socializing and influencing their peers offline – in other words overall they are more social than their peers (going to parties, hanging out with friends in real life)
  • teen influencers were surveyed from the myYearbook community and are defined as the top 15% most active an engaged on that site
  • 97% spend 2 hours a day on social networking sites and 91% have more than 500 friends on those sites
  • teens aged 15 to 17 are the most engaged online

Here’s the kicker (that could be bad for Foursquare): they’re not hip on checking in. According to the study “only 16 percent report using a mobile application that allows them to check in at a given location, such as either Foursquare or Gowalla.”

This actually doesn’t surprise me, but it may surprise a lot of you. Certain social media sites just don’t work with teens because of technology. Myspace is the place for kids and then they move up to Facebook when they enter college. Teenagers and young adults don’t use Twitter…or foursquare for a couple reasons. The biggest is most of them can’t afford the smartphones and data plans required to run them. When those prices come down, look for higher adoption rates.

The second reason I suggest is those kids that can afford smart phones won’t because their friends aren’t using Twitter and foursquare. Assuming the most social kids that age are female, factors like this will certainly come into play – http://abcnews.go.com/2020/story?id=123726&page=1. Regardless of gender, if your friends aren’t on a social network, even if you are, adoption rates are going to be low. It isn’t fun to be Mayor of a place when there’s no competition.

A few months ago the reality of this hit me quite hard. I went to a Social Media Club event that was hosted at Cottonwood High School. When I checked in, there was a Mayor, but they had only checked in a few times. It told me that high school students recognized foursquare existed, but they didn’t care. Hand every kid a smart phone and I guarantee the competition increases.

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