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Foursquare Partnerships

Probably one of the biggest success strategies foursquare has developed is strategic partnerships with recognized brands.

When you visit their main site and log in, a slew of partners greets you at the bottom of the page.

I’ve actually struggled writing this article because so many new partners are coming on board so fast!  While not every partner has a badge associated with them, many do.  One of the early partners was Harvard University that allowed special check in badges on campus.  In South Africa, the World Cup had venue parties and in the U.S. CNN had WC watch parties with associated badges.

Before foursquare was growing the way it is now, I’m sure partnerships would have been difficult.  But even at launch, foursquare arranged to announce to the world at SXSW.  Since then;

In February 2010, the company entered into new commercial partnerships with Zagat, Bravo, Conde Nast, The New York Times and several other firms to offer tips, specials and new badges to followers

Now that they’re growing at a clip of 15,000 users per day, everybody wants to be involved.  Recently, the TV show Gossip Girl created a relationship and you can now check in mid-flight to earn a mile-high-club badge courtesy of GoGo Inflight.  You don’t even have to cram into a plane lavatory with a partner to unlock it!

Besides increased purchases of smart-phones capable of using the foursquare applications, I credit foursquare’s exponential growth with an offer partnership with Starbucks back in June.  Even though the offer wasn’t great, the publicity for both companies was tremendous.  That was the breakout offer for foursquare.  They went from barely a million users to nearly two million users during that single month!

Foursquare partnerships have been all about publicity and awareness.  Sometimes that isn’t a bad thing!


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