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Ford Automatically Checks In

Janet’s got a clever article about Ford’s venture into social media using a vehicle that automatically tweets and checks in on foursquare.

She followed it up with a mention of the new technology Mark Cuban is researching that would incorporate facial recognition technology to automatically “check-in” to any location. That would allow businesses to instantly recognize their best customers.

I’ve said before that foursquare mayors are theoretically any venue’s best customers because they “tell” more people about the business by checking in. However, that’s not true in every case. Last night I stopped by the Cotton Bottom for a garlic burger. This is only the third time I’ve ever been there. When I checked in, I became the mayor. I actually felt bad about it because three tables away were some people I met the last time I was there who I know frequent the place more than me, yet I was the mayor.

The technology Mark Cuban is looking at will eliminate this unfair creation of venue evangelism elites.

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