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Ben & Jerry’s Drops Email in Favor of Social Media

(Source: New Media Age)trackingBen & Jerry’s will become one of the first big brands to abandon regular email marketing. It will instead focus on social media.

The ice cream brand has decided to cut its monthly newsletter because the feedback it received from customers suggested that the majority would prefer to be contacted on social media sites.

Email marketing has long been established as one of the most effective digital marketing channels and has become a standard marketing channel for most brands.

In a move away from established practice, Ben & Jerry’s plans only one email update to customers each year. Instead, Facebook and Twitter profiles will be used to engage with customers on an ongoing basis, both in-house and through its PR agency Mischief.

I had this discussion with an email marketer a few weeks ago. He reminded me that I wrote last Fall Twitter would replace email. I was wrong. It’s Facebook that will replace email.

The reason is, I can directly contact my fan list through Facebook and those emails are 100% deliverable. Email is a useful tool. It probably will be for quite some time. What isn’t practical is a monthly newsletter. We don’t look for news on a monthly basis, we look for it when we want it. For some of us, that’s every second!

Having put together monthly newsletters for several companies, I know the amount of work that goes into it. It’s just not worth it. Having an up to date forum where your brands fans can ask questions and learn about your products is much better than a newsletter. Social media solves that challenge.

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