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We’ll All Be Using Foursquare Soon

Most “normal” people we know want absolutely nothing to do with location-aware services like Foursquare and Loopt that let you “check-in” to restaurants and bars, letting your friends know where you are at any given moment.

A lot of these people say they would never join a service like that; they don’t feel comfortable sharing that information, and they don’t see the point.

We think they’re wrong, just like all the people — including us — who said they’d never join Facebook were wrong. Here’s why.

Check-in apps are rapidly becoming more focused on deals — coupons and discounts that are only available to people using these services. Loopt CEO Sam Altman describes his new app as “a virtual loyalty card” for participating businesses.

I have friends who have given up using foursquare, or won’t even try it. They don’t see any value to it. Sure it’s got the game feature, but even I’m sort of tired of it. What good are imaginary points?

The real value is going to be in finding inside information about a new place and getting deals.

Foursquare is growing rapidly, so the information piece is almost a given. What foursquare really needs is more businesses creating offers…really good offers. To me, $1 off a Starbucks isn’t compelling enough. Plus, they should really have a check in offer as well.

When I came up with the offer for Fat’s Bar and Grill, we came up with a great offer for the Mayor and a check in offer for everyone else. In Salt Lake City, there are only four venues I know of that have offers. When more venues create great offers, we’ll all be using foursquare.

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