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The Foursquare Challenge: Employee Incentive vs. Customer Rewards? « Black Web 2.0

Next time you’re wondering why you can’t steal the Foursquare title of Mayor from whoever currently holds the crown at your favorite venue, take a look behind the counter. There’s a good chance that the Mayor’s an employee putting in an unbeatable 40 check-ins a week on the throne.

Stories have begun to surface around the web about Starbucks customers unable to take advantage of the Foursquare rewards that their steady patronage has earned them because the person behind the counter serving the coffee is also the Mayor of the venue. Starbucks has replied, but their response (“Foursquare is open to any one that can access it and it happens that the Mayor of this location is the Barista again I do apologize for any type of inconvenience that this may have caused.”) hints at a looming showdown between Foursquare, employers and their employees.

Nick Johnson (@WWJDinSLC) made a good point about this when we presented on foursquare last month for SMCUV…employees at foursquare venues with Mayor specials shouldn’t be Mayor.

I check in to my business and my job, but they’re not location based, nor do they have specials. True foursquare venues with specials shouldn’t ban employees from checking in, just from being Mayor. Checking in is a form of advertising, so it’s not bad, but when it generates bad press, it should be prohibited.

What’s the point in having a special when no real customer can use it? By the way, Starbucks needs to come up with a better offer than $1 off for their Mayors.

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