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Happy Foursquare Day!

Today is a special day for location based social media service foursquare.  It marks the first time a social media service has a holiday.  4/16 = foursquare day.  Get it?

Today also marks the day the company hits one million users…or pretty close to it.  They’re adding 10 to 20 thousand new accounts each day and are in just less than 30 cities.

I’ve noticed an explosion of users myself and even regular people are talking about it.  When I attended my first Social Media Club meeting in December, only one person was talking about foursquare.  Now all the people in that space are on it…as they should be.

On Wednesday night I went into my favorite little bar in Sugarhouse.  When I pulled out my phone to check in, the guy next to me asked if I was checking in.  He had heard about the service and was even talking to the bartender about it.  When I said I was the mayor, they both knew what I was talking about!

Not everybody is wild about foursquare.  My friend Michael recently wrote a rather long critique about it from a user’s perspective.  Foursquare isn’t for everyone, but the growth of smart phone ownership over the next two years is going to drive usage of mobile web applications like foursquare, Yelp and mobile search.  Facebook has good mobile capabilities and there are a slew of mobile Twitter clients.  I personally like foursquare as an update manager because I can leave a comment when I check in that will automatically go to Twitter and Facebook, or just one or the other.

The “holiday” part of foursquare day has over 150 groups of people meeting in real life to celebrate.  In Salt Lake, the social media elite met at Pounders Grill in Midvale.  Other celebrations are taking place at other Pounders locations.

This is what people who don’t “get” social media continue to miss.  Social media isn’t about hiding behind a keyboard.  It’s about meeting, talking and having fun with people in real life.  Updates happen in real time because of mobile technology.  Businesses like Pounders and Coffee Connection and others that I’ve talked about only serve to expand their reach and influence by smartly using social media.

Happy foursquare day everybody!

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