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How to Hide Your Friends List on Facebook

On Monday I talked about the steps law enforcement takes using social media to track down their targets.  One of these tactics is to become a “friend of a friend” to see your news feed on Facebook.  I enjoy social media, but I don’t want to leave a back door open for a stalker, ex or some other person who would use my online life against me in real life.

So I took my own advice and tried to figure out how to do it.  It took me a little while to find the correct answer, so I thought I would share it in this post. 

Facebook is constantly changing the look and feel of its software, so many top ranked search results had incorrect information. 

Here’s how you hide your friends list on Facebook –

1.  Log in to Facebook.

2.  Go to your “profile” tab.

3.  Click the pencil icon (edit) next to your friends list.

4.  Uncheck the “Show friend list to everyone” box.

Unless Facebook makes another interface change, that’s the way to do it…right now.

This whole process of writing this article series made me think, so I tightened up some other settings to only show friends, not friends of friends. 

As a marketer, I face a conundrum because I want to reach those friends of friends, so I left my wall available, but tightened up photos and videos.  Hopefully this helps you think about protecting your Facebook friends from the prying eyes of criminals, exes and other cyberstalkers.

  1. November 9, 2010 at 4:16 pm

    Wow! I never thought of that, cops, feds, stalkers… theyre all watching us! Thanks for the great tip guys! appreciate it!


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