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Nestle Makes Butterfinger Move on Facebook

Add Nestle to the growing list of big companies that have been embroiled in social media scandals.

In this situation, Nestle is taking heat for two things.  One involves environmental protestors and deforestation for the palm oil the chocolate maker uses to make its candy bars.  Not too big of a deal.  All businesses get complaints from time to time.

The other regards their policy of using their logo online.  In a heavy handed statement last week, the company announced on Facebook

Again, not so bad.  Even though the future of the web is “open source” old school brands like Nestle like to think they still have control of their logos and intellectual property.  One of the things I love about Facebook and Twitter is they let people create with their logos.  Is it any wonder they’re growing as fast as they are?  Google is also creative with their logo by having their home page image changed for holidays and events.

The true sin Nestle is guilty of is how they actually responded to criticism.  Besides deleting comments they didn’t like, they were snippy in responses.  Again this article captured the mistake –

One company that stands out to me for handling criticism is Sears.  Last year a franchise store driver accidently ran over a dog during a delivery.  Though the franchise owner did nothing, once Sears corporate heard about the problem, they took care of it.

As a business, you can’t bend over backwards to every extreme demand, but you can recognize that you listened.  That was the lesson from Sears and the squished pup.  Nestle’s social media people are listening and fighting back.  You can’t win fighting people online.  Don’t try.

The Nestle battle is still going on.  This Australian article claims 4,000 Australians have fanned Nestle’s page…to post negative comments.  It will be really interesting to see how this gets resolved, if at all.

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