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The Super Bowl Commercials You Didn’t See

What a great Super Bowl!  It was a great game between the Saints and Colts.  Of course the Super Bowl is as famous for the commercials as for the game itself.

After the game everybody will be talking about the most popular commercials.  But well before the game started, people were talking about the commercials you didn’t see…the commercials from Pepsi.

After 23 years of producing TV commercials for the Super Bowl, Pepsi decided to pass in 2010 for something different.  Some may consider the move a cost cutting tactic, but the company is still spending a lot of money on its new social media campaign.  Twenty million dollars to be exact. 

Pepsi is moving a significant portion of its ad budget from TV to social media.  Fast Company reported

Starting February 1, readers can vote to give grants to a number of health, environment, culture, and education-related organizations. Pepsi plans to give away multiple grants each month, including two $250,000 grants, 10 $50,000 grants, and 10 $25,000 grants. Visitors are also encouraged to submit their own organizations and grant ideas.

 Not only did Pepsi get media buzz months before the Super Bowl, they also got a head start on their campaign!

The Pepsi Refresh project uses blogs, Facebook and Twitter to promote their philanthropy program.  As of this writing their Facebook fan page had 510,000 fans.  As the word spreads, I think this number will grow sharply.

Pepsi’s strategy is a significant shift on several levels.

1.  Pepsi is showing itself to be a leader by making this bold move.

2.  If it’s successful, watch for a flood of imitators.

3.  It shows a business culture shift from profits to philanthropy and community which is a perfect message for social media.

Whether it succeeds or not, Pepsi has been the first major company to commit so many financial resources to social media.  I believe the free advertising they’ve received over the past two months have been well worth the commitment and I’m eager to learn how it all works out.


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