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Google Caffeine Makes Search More Social

You may have heard about Google caffeine, but we really haven’t been able to see it in Utah until now.

The latest Google search engine update, dubbed “caffeine” by the search engine company, has been rolled out on selective servers over the past couple of weeks.

I finally got to see what it looked like last week and it’s going to turn social media on its head.

New rule: It’s now more important than ever to connect with as many people online as possible because you never know when one of them will be searching for something you’re connected to online.

Until now success on Twitter has been about getting targeted followers, now it’s about getting large quantities of followers.  Your follower’s searches will act as the filter for relevancy since you’ll only show up if they search for something that’s relevant to you!

When I shared this at Kevin Davis’ meetup last night, the other experts in attendance were floored.  Search is truly going to change the game for social media.  Right now Google is pulling contacts from Twitter and Gmail.

Google has been the first one to execute social search and Yahoo! and Bing are both planning on updates this year.  Like I predicted at the end of December, social media is going to be adopted by businesses in a wholesale manner.  This is yet another reason to do so.


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