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Social Media Challenge

Today marks the launch of the 90 day social media challenge.

The challenge is to drive customers and sales using only social media sites Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  There is no website.

Facebook acts as the website and provides storage for videos and documents, plus a way for visitors to leave feedback.  YouTube and Twitter are used to capture attention and push visitors to Facebook.


Lisa Wise is a merchant account executive at First Financial and we’re using social media together to promote her credit card processing services.  We recorded about eight videos using my Flipcam just to show how simple the process is.  Besides time, the only money invested will be a few dollars for press release distribution.


The biggest challenge I could see was how we would track traffic and results.  With Twitter we know the number of followers and Facebook shows the number of fans.  YouTube shows the number of views, but we won’t know what the traffic is.  That’s why we’re using bit.ly for our links, because it will measure traffic.  I was even able to create custom bit.ly links:




The only challenge I’ve run across so far is one of the press release sites didn’t like those links, so I had to use the long ones.

I’ll keep you up to date on this blog (another social media platform) on the status, successes and challenges as they present themselves.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment.


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