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Using Twitter for Business Research

I’m currently working on a client project to promote an author contest that runs until the end of March.

One of the suggestions I made was to use Twitter as a way to build awareness since the contest is open to anybody who has a published book they want to promote.

After doing keyword research, I set up some auto-follows in TwitJump and did a couple searches on Twitter.

The two biggest reasons I performed these searches was for business research.  I wanted to know –

1.  Who are the big Tweeters in this market vertical…

2.  Are there any industry specific hashtags I should be using in the tweets.

Just a couple searches for my highest traffic, relevant keywords gave me all the answers I needed.  I can now start following some of the relevant people that are connected to these big Tweeters.  I can also email or @reply to them with news of my clients contest and their press release.

Additionally, I know which hashtags are going to carry more weight and relevance to my tweets so I can be sure to add them for maximum effectiveness.

Note to self – do this for all your clients!


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