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Small Business Goal Setting

It’s the new year and I’m reading a lot of blogs that are setting goals for themselves.  Rather than bore you with my goals, I’d like to share two tips that will help make your goals more successful.

1.  Write them down – A written goal is much more powerful than one that remains in your thoughts.  Once it has been written, your subconscious sees it as a declaration or intent and it becomes more likely to happen.

2.  Share them with someone who can hold you accountable – You can’t really do this until step one has taken place.  By sharing with someone besides yourself, that written declaration becomes more of a commitment.  Your subconscious will worry about being asked about how your goals are progressing and naturally want to respond favorably.

I’ve been going through a lot of goal setting exercises over the past couple weeks and have received some great ideas and strategies that are even more detailed than what I just discussed.  However, over the years, I’ve found these two simple principles are the most powerful.

Happy New Year!

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