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Analog Marketing Using Send Out Cards

At the end of October I had the opportunity to visit the Send out Cards facility in Salt Lake City.

What I like about this business is it allows people and businesses to send out their message in a form people will open – a greeting card.

From a marketing standpoint it’s analog marketing at its finest.  The company takes advantage of technology to provide personalized printing solutions and distribution for a very low per unit price.

Two things allow Send out Cards to do what it does;  technology and efficient systems.  For example, the company orders paper in certain quantities so it doesn’t age or dry out.  This “just in time” ordering allows a quality product to go out every time.

The technology driving the company is mind-boggling.  They can print one custom card or post card, score it, fold it, stuff it into an envelope and stamp it for less than $2.00 per unit. 

Think about what that means for a small business that uses direct mail for marketing.  You can send out a direct mail campaign with a mouse click, have someone else do the work and actually reach your customers because most people will open a card!

How important is this in today’s digital world?  Very much so.  Consider this example from Andy Sernovitz:

We have a member of our team who got hired because she sent a great cover letter in the mail. It was the only paper resume we got, so we noticed.  We weren’t even hiring, but the letter was so great we had to grab her before someone else did.

In today’s highly competitive marketing world three things need to happen for you to be successful; be found, be noticed, be remembered.  Do you think Send out Cards can do that?  I do.

Having done targeted direct mail for a mortgage company, I see immense value for any company that sends out small quantities of direct mail.  In addition, I see the open rate for greeting cards to be superior in every way. 

Consider that with a traditional direct mail campaign, a good response rate is going to be 5%.  95% of the people who get your post card, coupon or letter are going to throw it away.  Most will do it without even reading your message.

For a message wrapped in a greeting card, the numbers are much different.  Another Send out Cards representative told me he put together a campaign for a local restaurant and they saw a 30% response rate to their offer in a card.  If you do any direct mail, I think Send out Cards has to be part of your tool set.  I know it’s a part of mine.

It’s easy to start and set up.  I sent a dozen Christmas cards to clients and family this afternoon without licking an envelope or buying stamps.  If you’re in the insurance business, mortgage business or real estate business and not taking advantage of this amazing tool, I highly recommend you get started today.

  1. Corey Lee
    December 22, 2009 at 10:06 pm

    Send Out Cards is an amazing company and I am glad to see a company like SEObySwaby uses their great services. This action shows you believe in the power of a personal touch when thanking and keeping in touch with your clients. Fiscal Networking also thanks you for your efforts in the Road Home Charity Event today. Your help was very much appreciated.


  2. January 4, 2010 at 12:24 am

    I’ve been impressed with this as a tool for business – even small businesses with few employees – for nurturing customer and business network relationships. Now that Send Out Cards is available in Australia, I am pleased to use the system with clients as part of their customer nurturing program. Too often, business owners focus on seeking new customers, yet ignore their existing clients. Setting up systems to build relationships is a sensible, and efficient way to gain new business, keep existing customers happy and to encourage referrals. Developing a marketing system that incorporates tangible or analogue marketing pieces with social media and online marketing can help businesses gain visibility online and offline, and bring great results.


    • seobyswaby
      January 4, 2010 at 9:23 am

      Thanks for the comment Lindy. I’m glad to hear you can use their service. I was real pleased walking into my clients’ offices this past week and seeing their cards hanging up. Retaining clients is so important and it takes just a little more than great service and great pricing. Clients want to feel important, like they’re your only one, even though you’re juggling a hand ful or more.


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