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Is Twitter a Good Traffic Source?

Last week I met with a potential client to discuss an Internet marketing strategy.  Because of the type of business; very customer centric and people oriented, I suggested they use Twitter.

This company had a specific traffic goal in mind and based on their reaction I don’t think they really liked it.  I suppose if they used Twitter like I used to use Twitter, I’d probably have the same reaction.

Fortunately for them, I do have an effective Twitter strategy and when they hire me I’ll be happy to share it.

Yesterday was a record traffic day for this site.  I had 378 unique visitors, barely eclipsing the old record of 376.  What drove such high volumes of traffic on those two days?  You guessed it; Twitter.  In fact, when reviewing my stats, Twitter is the second largest traffic generator for this site behind search engines. 

Twitter and search are about to be combined like the perfect cup of coffee.  Pete Cashmore recently wrote about the “real-time” web and said,

If this new paradigm stimulates our seeking behavior, it follows that search is central to the real-time Web. Before Google entered the fray, OneRiot and Collecta stood out among real-time search engines.

The reigning champion of real-time search, however, is Twitter Search, which provides instant updates whenever new Tweets are posted.

If you’re not using Twitter or using it properly, you’re missing out on some traffic.  As more people adopt Twitter use, you’re going to be missing out on 6,000 new potential followers per day.

I’ve spoken about the volume Twitter can drive, how about the quality?  Every “big” Twitter day I have, I get quality comments and new Twitter followers.  I’m up to nearly 300 now.  Here’s the important part.  Twitter users offer social proof to your potential customers.

How did Pabst beer turn into one of the fastest growing brands in the country…without any traditional advertising?  It’s not the cheapest beer this recession has to offer.  That’s the question the company set out to answer in 2002.  Keystone Light, Busch Light and Natural Light are all less money per can, but they found –

“We found it was the hipster crowd, the music crowd,” says Stewart, who became the PBR brand manager in 2002 before leaving the company four years later. “They liked it because it didn’t have a lot of advertising behind it.”

“People don’t like to be shouted at,” says Jack Anderson, CEO of brand design firm Hornall Anderson, which works with beer companies. “It’s more authentic and cooler if you discover it or you’re told by a friend. “

 Twitter makes it easy to tell your friends and the more customer facing a business is, the more it needs other trusted sources to tell their product’s story.

Three Twitter Tips for Building Tons of Traffic:

1.  Use hashtags for every important word you use because they make your tweets get found. 

2.  Do your research for keywords and tweets.  I found the phrase “twitter tools” is searched 80,000 times per month.  It was no mistake yesterday’s popular article started with those words and no mistake I used them with hashtags when I tweeted the article.

3.  Be consistent without being annoying.  I see people tweet in bursts.  I unfollow those people.  If I have something to say I think others will benefit from, I say it.  If I have a few things to say, I space them out using Hootsuite or TwitJump so I don’t look like a spammer. 

If you’re not using Twitter as a traffic source for your website, you’re missing out on a great way to drive high quality, high volume visitors.  What’s stopping you?

  1. Corey Lee
    December 14, 2009 at 10:14 pm

    You have touched on some great points. It’s great to see your strategy being implemented and seeing results. Congrats on such great success!


  2. December 14, 2009 at 10:29 pm

    Great post on twitter use for traffic generation. I have not learned so much about twitter uses. I only know that people getting traffic from twitter but don’t know how.
    I’ll use the tips for making traffic to my website by using twitter.



  1. December 17, 2009 at 2:10 pm

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