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Keyword Research is the Foundation of Internet Marketing

One trend I keep seeing as I talk with people about Internet marketing is they fail to invest the time required to research their keywords.  It’s something I’m guilty of sometimes as well.

I felt that because I had done a lot of research on my real estate blog, I didn’t need to do it on this one.  I knew I wanted a key phrase like “salt lake city seo” to test my skills and my success with that term certainly makes a great point in my sales presentation.

When I targeted that term I knew “utah seo” would be the one that would drive more traffic, but I knew it would be harder to get.  What I didn’t know was “salt lake city seo” is searched less than 30 times a month on all the major search engines combined.

Had I invested a little time at the beginning, that mistake wouldn’t have happened.  Fortunately my success with that key phrase displays my SEO skills and I’ve been able to use those results constructively.

When I started doing some keyword research last week for some new clients who are geographically targeting traffic, I discovered only a few industries in Salt Lake are searched for with a location included.  The are dentists, lawyers, HVAC contractors, plumbers, general contractors and real estate agents.

Every other industry in Salt Lake is searched for less than 30 times a month according to the numbers.  I believe the reason is pay-per-click advertising is so well filtered for delivering geographic results, web searchers tend not to include a geographic location.  Someone is more inclined to search for “SEO consultant” than “Utah SEO consultant” because the PPC result will include the information they want.

This is further evidence multi-pronged Internet marketing is necessary.  The medium I’m most interested in is Twitter since it’s so easy to tag and search keywords there.  There is also evidence PPC can be effective for driving traffic as well.

The bottom line is, you can’t ignore the keyword research no matter how well you think you know an industry.  For my clients the first task is keyword research.  I don’t write titles, metatags, copy or press releases until I know which words to use.  Unfortunately in the SEO industry, this important step is often ignored or glossed over.

Keyword research is glossed over because it’s boring and tedious.  Nobody likes to do it.  Why research keywords when you can be doing exciting things like recording podcasts or videos and tweeting?  Because those podcasts and videos have descriptions that require keywords to be found!  Tweets are searchable.  Why not use the keywords that are being searched?  You can’t if you don’t know.

If you’re thinking of hiring an SEO company, ask them what the first step is.  If it isn’t keyword research, you’re going to be wasting a lot of money.

  1. Corey Lee
    December 2, 2009 at 12:05 am

    Mr. Swaby,
    That truly makes a lot of sense but I am sure most SEO companies do not lean in that direction to begin with. Hopefully your article will enlighten them and make them aware of how to be more of a true professional for their clients. Great Content once again. Keep up the great work!


  2. December 4, 2009 at 9:05 pm

    This is something I didn’t do when I first started my blog and still haven’t properly invested in. I am in the process of starting a couple of other sites and am still doing some keyword research for them.

    It’s essential as you say to invest time in this area as the organic SE traffic you can get from proper keyword research is enormous. I get next to no search engine traffic on my blog because I didn’t properly research keywords before I launched. A HUGE lesson I have learnt!

    I actually enjoy keyword research now I know a few basics of how to pick correct keywords. Maybe it comes from playing around and researching the share market a bit but yeah – I quite enjoy keyword research. It’s great when you find a gem!

    Sarge | BeginnerBlogger.com


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