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Internet Marketing Tools – My Mobile Kit

People have asked what I read and how I choose to operate.  Today I thought I’d share my mobile Internet marketing toolkit since I just obtained what I think will be a very critical piece.  One more tool still eludes me, but I hope to get it this week.

As many of you know, I spend a lot of time on the road during the week and I believe the addition of a Gateway netbook will increase my productivity.  I thought my Samsung Instinct smartphone would be enough, but I hate typing on it and it doesn’t allow a cut and paste for URLs in Twitter and Facebook.

So here’s my current list of mobile Internet marketing tools:

1.  Gateway Netbook – For typing out emails, sending my virtual business card, blogging and updating webpages.

2.  Samsung Instinct – Smartphone for reading and replying to emails on the go, phone calls, navigation, checking blog stats and updating comments.

3.  Olympus FE-340 digital camera (not pictured) – For photos and videos on the go.  I will be replacing this with a Flipcam this week.

4.  Kensington presentation mouse – It’s very flat and transmits to twenty feet for Powerpoint presentations.

5.  Olympus digital voice recorder – For doing interviews in person or on the phone.  This device will probably be phased out once I get the Flipcam.

6.  Mini-notebook with pen holder – I have a tendency to lose track of pens, so having one with a built in holder is pretty slick.  This came courtesy of Signature Press.

7.  Extra batteries – You never want to delay or fail at your job because of lack of power.  I keep extra batteries on hand for all my mobile devices including the Instinct.  I buy mine from Radio Shack (RSH) because they’re fresher than anywhere else.

8.  Gum – You don’t want to embarrass yourself when analog marketing by having bad breath.  Keeping a pack on hand can help you or a business associate stay on top of their game.

9.  Cloud based software (what you don’t see in the photo) – Except for a few applications, I want to be able to use my netbook just like I’d use my computer at home.  I try to be as “web based” as possible by taking advantage of free email, free blogs and even free imaging software.  Twitter and Facebook are also web based and Google is betting that will be the future of computing.  So am I.  I downloaded Gimp on it for image editing so really the only software I need on my old computer is Adobe GoLive for making webpages.  I can edit webpages in wordpad using code.

Low costs make the barrier to entry for a kit like this unbelievably reasonable.  The hard cost for all this items was $520.50 plus sales tax.  Of course it took me nearly twelve years to develop the experience I have, but that’s another topic.


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