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Small Business Success is Natural

Too big to succeedI was walking my dog the other morning and came across the scenario you see pictured in this article; a moth stuck in a spider’s web with a little tiny spider crawling all over it, tightening the trap the moth had fallen into.

It reminded me of the paradigm shift we’re currently witnessing in business that smaller and simpler is better.  It also suggested to me that smaller is more natural.  In the natural world smaller beats bigger every time.

We’re currently living in fear because of the H1N1 flu…a virus that is ever adapting to our efforts to destroy it.  Humans are at the top of the food chain, yet we are living in fear of an animal we can’t even see.

That’s how small businesses need to think about their larger competition.  It’s natural for us to succeed if we think like our animal counterparts.

1.  Build a better trap – Utilizing new technology in an effective manner can produce amazing results.  Big companies aren’t using Twitter and Facebook.  Small companies can and will win in that environment.  Corporate websites tend to be boring.  Just using a little bit of creativity can cause your website or blog to be sticky, which is just what the spider needs to catch and beat its larger competition.

2.  Always adapt – This is the largest competitive advantage a small company has.  A small company can make changes in a matter of days or weeks, while a large company takes months or years.  A small business can always beat its larger competitors if it makes changes and effectively executes.

3.  Don’t fear taking on something bigger than us – Psychological fears can sometimes affect us much more than reality.  When I watched this little spider crawl all over its larger prey, I imagined a human walking all over an airplane and wrapping it up came very naturally.  We can’t be afraid because our competition is bigger than us.  We can still win.

When I was targeting “salt lake city seo” as a keyword, I admitted I didn’t think I could win with my site, so I leveraged other sites to get me the results I wanted.  Had I been fearful, I wouldn’t have my name on the front page of Google for my key term four times.

I believe small is going to be successful in our new economy and I’m structuring my business to help other small business win on the web.  The Internet is the great equalizer in business and allows the small to look large and the large to look small or outdated.  By creating a winning web strategy and executing purposefully, I think it’s natural for small businesses to be successful and gobble up market share from our bigger competition.

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