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I Can SEO a Paper Bag to the Front Page of Google

paper bagI promise I’m not writing this article to brag, but rather to demonstrate my versatility on projects that are sometimes out of my control.

My boast is I can SEO a paper bag to the front page of Google.  More specifically, the front page of Google images.

I’ve had quite a bit of success with spiders and webs and even though Halloween is over, arachnid traffic is still generating a significant portion of my daily visitors.  Thanks to some other key images, I’m now getting traffic from weak links and fish bowls.

Paper bag will be just another of my SEO optimized images where I dominate the search engine results.

What it means for potential clients is much more significant.  After reviewing dozens of sites over the last few weeks, I’ve only found one that doesn’t need some serious on page SEO work.  However, because of my SEO strategies, that doesn’t really matter.  I can literally SEO a paper bag to the top of the SERPs.  In three weeks, I’ll prove it!

Here are five difficult SEO situations I’ve run across, where I can still do SEO and get results:

1.  There is no site to SEO! – I can have a website built or utilize a Facebook business page to provide a solution.

2.  There is no access to the existing site for on page SEO – I can utilize off-page tactics like local directories, press releases and article marketing to attain results.  I currently have a client like this.

3.  Big corporate doesn’t utilize local web marketing –  If you’re an agent or representative of a big company that won’t target market, I can still help you brand yourself or your local market with my SEO tactics.

4.  The existing site is poorly optimized, but there’s no budget for web design changes – Some of the best ranked sites I’ve seen have this problem.  Off site optimization or popularity trumps this weakness.  If you have a clear call to action on your site, you’ve got the heart of a web marketing campaign.  Why not take advantage?

5.  It’s a template, CMS, blog or other site that doesn’t allow significant on page optimization – It doesn’t matter!  There’s a reason I’ve chosen a WordPress hosted blog for my business site…to prove I can optimize it.

Some people argue I need a self-hosted site, or a better e-mail address or business cards.  I say, “NO!”  If I can get ranked on the front page of Google for the term “Utah SEM,” I can achieve similar success with your website.  I have no shortage of meetings with potential clients even though I’m using Yahoo! email.  I refuse to use an analog business card when my digital card is yielding the results it is.  I actually had a business coach apologize to me today for suggesting otherwise.

When I show the results I’m getting to technically inclined people, they’re absolutely amazed.  I purposefully picked difficult site options so I could show my abilities.  My old goal of “Salt Lake City SEO” has been crushed.  The last time I checked, four of the top ten spots had my press releases or directory listing.  That means I sent four of my competitors to SERP oblivion.  Good riddance!

My strategy towards my competitors is scorched earth.  I am going to leave them in my dust.  I’ve never been on my own in this business and I am taking no prisoners.  I already have a toehold on “Utah SEM” and “Utah SEO” is my next target.  The fact the number one SERP holder recently started following me on Twitter gives me confidence.  I am not going to stop working on these keywords until I occupy every position on Google’s front page.  It is not enough just to get there,  I intend to dominate.

I’ll admit some of it’s a little bit personal.  The only company I believe offers any significant competition to me, told me I was “overqualified” to work for them.  I’ll show them “overqualified” by locking them out of any local keyword SERP they ever wanted.  Trouble is, they’re not my competition.  They’re far too expensive for anybody in my target market to afford.  I’m going to show them exactly how “overqualified” I am anyway…without really expending much effort.

I do have a “beef” with two other companies.  Only one of them directly competes with me here in Utah, so that’s the only one I’m even thinking about.  It doesn’t matter.  There’s plenty of SEO business to go around for everybody.

I just need these SERPs to show what I can do against my competition, which means I can do the same against your competition…

  1. November 12, 2009 at 7:47 pm

    Hey man, all I gotta say is your blog is awesome. Thanks for all the great info. It has been great getting to know you and I am looking forward to working with you more.


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