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Business Growth Through Partnerships – How SEO by Swaby Went From an “I” to a “we”

business growth One of the challenges a sole proprietor faces in marketing is whether to admit they are completely solo.  As our information based economy has evolved more and more people are successfully creating businesses on their own.

Technology has created opportunities that didn’t exist even 20 years ago.  Back then, a secretary or telephone receptionist was a necessity for a small business.  Typing was considered a “woman’s” skill and no self-respecting businessman knew how to do it.  (Many writers of course did.)  Technology has made us more productive.  The Internet gives us a 24/7 salesperson, cell phones eliminate the ties of an office or the necessity of a receptionist.  Word processing and personal computers eliminate the requirement of a typist or secretary.

The point is technology has enabled us to be more productive than ever before and the personnel needed to run a business successfully is much different than it ever was.  A one person shop can be effective.

Old concepts die hard and some people still think they need to puff themselves up to their prospects.  I probably went back and forth on that a little bit in my writing voice at the beginning of this blog, but I quickly settled into an “I.”  Two reasons drove that decision.

The first came from reading an article by Steve Pavlina.  He wrote –

Many one-person businesses refer to themselves as “we.”  That’s something a lot of new entrepreneurs do, but it isn’t necessary.  There’s nothing wrong with a one-person business, especially today.  My games business has mostly been a we over the years, but my personal development business is still an I.

This makes a lot of sense.  After all, I am the one with nearly 12 years of SEO experience.  I am the one writing this blog.  I am the one that came up with the concept for the business.  I am SEO by Swaby.

I also knew this business would grow quickly and I needed help in some areas that are weaknesses for me.  Here I am in month three of the business and I am about to become a “we.”

Through one-on-one networking (analog marketing) over the last 30 days, I’ve been able to form some solid relationships with companies that can provide services I haven’t been able to in the past.  Chief among those services is web design.

I was a web designer ten years ago before the graphic artists beautified the Internet.  I understand the programming and technology, but I don’t do enough of it any more to be efficient.  Besides, I love the writing and marketing aspect much more than the programming.

As I’ve reviewed prospective client sites, I realize many of them need design elements or redesigns before we start marketing.  I could lie and skip that important step and then have the SEO campaign not yield significant results, but I’m not like that.  I want to create successful campaigns that Utah small business owners will tell everyone they know about.

During analog marketing sessions, I’ll tell people what I do – web marketing – and then they’ll ask me if I can do web design too.  This is happening far too often for me to say “no” any more.  If there is a demand for a service, I want to have a reasonable solution.

On the web design front, I have grown to a we.  I am not a web designer, we are.  There are three companies that are now part of the SEO by Swaby web design solution offering pricing and services from the very low-end to the very high-end.  We can also offer many graphic design solutions as well.

Turnkey solutions for such things as WordPress installs and web hosting are also available through us.

I never thought we would grow this fast, but I’ve been as pro-active as possible to make sure the proper partnerships would be in place to handle such growth.

Now please excuse me as I have leaves to rake…


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