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Utah’s Top Blogger Contest – The Winner is…

drum rollCan I get a drum roll please?  The winner of the 2009 Utah’s Top Blogger contest is…Brandy Roth.  Congratulations!

Brandy outwitted, outlasted…wait, wrong contest.  Brandy showed us that her blog us updated frequently with quality posts and she could rally her community to vote for her in the contest.

Who says a contest with Heather Armstrong is unfair?

That’s the question that kept popping up.  Heather would automatically win, they said over and over.  I purposely structured the contest in a way that anybody could win and I believe my point has been proven.  Brandy dominated the contest with 67% of the votes.  The other four finalists were:

Bob DeLong – 2nd place -16%

Heather Armstrong – 3rd place – 9%

Janet Thaeler
Paul Allen
Jesse Stay
Stephanie Nielson – Tied for 4th and 5th place all with 2%.

A random drawing places:

Janet Thaeler – 4th place

Jesse Stay – 5th place.

I wish we had some prizes to give out other than bragging rights this year.  That’s definitely something I’ll work on for next year.  In the mean time, the winner and each finalist will be sent the code to display a winners badge on their site.  Of course every nominee got inbound links and a mention in the official press release.

Thanks to everyone who nominated a site and a special thank you to everyone who voted.  Without your participation, this contest wouldn’t have happened.

Congratulations again to all the Utah’s Top Blogger nominees and winners.  Keep on blogging!

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