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Blogger Quick Tips – Forms

blogger quick tipsI’ve been building a WordPress blog for a new client and created a form.  While they are using a lot of social media, they still wanted a contact form.

I think it’s good to create options so your reader can engage you in the way they feel most comfortable.  Regardless of the contact method you need to have a system in place so no leads slip through.

Here’s the secret about forms.  The less you ask a visitor to give is the more likely you’ll get a form submission…from an unqualified prospect.  The more you ask is the less likely you are to get a form submission…from an unqualified prospect.

If you’re not getting any form submissions, first test the form to see if it’s working.  If you’re still not getting anything, try asking less questions.  On the other hand, too many submissions may suggest you’ve got the next great thing, or you need to ask a few more questions.

Bonus Form Tips

Never ask for the first/last name in one field.  If you ever decide to do email marketing, you’ll need that data in two fields for personalization – the key to email opens and reads.

Never ask for both the phone number and email in required fields.  It’s one or the other.  How do you communicate best with potential customers?  Choose that method.  If you develop a relationship, they’ll give you the other information at a later point.

Always save your data.  You’re going to a lot of effort to collect this information.  Develop a system to keep in contact with people who think enough of you or your product to give up their personal information.  It could be as sophisticated as a database system or as simple as a folder in your email.

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