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How I Doubled My Number of Twitter Followers

increase twitter followersI have my Twitter account set to alert me by email every time I get a new follower.  I’ve got about 50 followers since I started my account two months ago, so I get an email about every other day.  On Friday I doubled my followers in one day.

My email just started pinging me about every five minutes.  When I hit refresh on my Twitter account, my follower stats were increasing with every page reload.  I was happy, but I wanted to know why.

How I doubled my Twitter followers:

What did I tweet that ruffled so many feathers people started following me?

Stompernet meetup made me think…http://bit.ly/4hdGn3

I wrote an article about the Stompernet meeting I attended the night before.  Of course I optimized the article for the key phrase “stompernet.”  I also used that term in my tweet.

Many of the Twitter management tools out there rely on searches to find relevant content.  When a term is found, the tool automatically adds the tweeter to the follower.  In some cases if there isn’t a return follow, the tweeter will be dropped after a few days.  By using a highly searched key term, I doubled my followers in one day!

This made me review my old tweets and I discovered I haven’t been doing a very good job tweeting.  Unless you’re already known, it’s better to use descriptive keywords instead of trying to be cute.  You’ll get much more interest from Twitter search.  Once you’ve got an established following, then you can be more interesting.

Now I’m considering changing how I use Twitter and my Facebook business page.  I’ve been linking them together as a time management tool, but maybe I should send out two different messages.  I want to be more personal and interesting on my business page and use my Twitter to build followers. 

Social Media Time Management

A question I hear and Mike Knutson specifically asked is, “How do you manage the time spent on social media?”  For me, the most time-consuming portion is actually writing the blog post.  Once it’s written and published my LinkIn automatically updates with the new post and I publish a short message on my business page that publishes on my personal Facebook site and Twitter.  That’s the easiest part!

I don’t want to publish two tweets with different messages and bug my followers, so I think I need to unlink my Facebook from Twitter.  Too bad.  I liked the automation.  I’ll let you know how it works out.


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