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Tags on Blogs Make for Great SEO

tagWhen I started blogging, one of the concepts I struggled with was that of “tagging” a blog post.  A tag is a description given to the post that talks about subject matter.

During my days as a real estate blog author, I would create tags that had a few specific points from the post.  I was also using the blog software from Google called Blogger.  It took me a while, but I finally figured out I probably shouldn’t create new tags for each post.  I should be more generic.

My SEO breakthrough for that old real estate blog was when I put a link to all the tags as a menu on my sidebar.  Once I did that, my search traffic tripled.  With WordPress, it’s a lot easier.  Add the tag cloud widget to your sidebar, tag every post and you’re in business.

tag cloud

I take it one step further, because I want every article I write on this blog to have a link to another article.  That way they’re all connected.

WordPress has another advantage and that is the tag categories show up in Google as their own entry.  I just discovered a keyphrase “seo friendly filenames for photos” is showing up on Google under my “bing” tag.  It’s interesting the article which contained many words in that keyphrase didn’t show up, but the tag for Bing did.  Thank goodness I used the tags!

Here are five easy steps to get great SEO results from tags:

1.  Tag every post, even if you only use one description.

2.  Be generic in your descriptions, unless you have a very specific keyphrase you’re trying to rank on.

3.  Make sure your tags show up on your sidebar as a menu.  It could be a tag cloud or a link list.

4.  Add new tags when necessary.  Don’t create them if there isn’t something relevant to link to it.

5.  Match tags with your keyword list.  Those top search result positions you want may come from having the right tag.

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