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Twitter is a Pick Up Line…

pickuplineSmart marketers know how to get prospects to “their” place.  It doesn’t matter whether that place is a blog, website or Facebook business page.  What does matter is what you say on Twitter.

Internet marketers are struggling with Twitter.  Consider affiliate marketer Murray Newlands who recently declared he was unfollowing everyone on Twitter.

Twitter should be about conversation. You cannot listen to 30,000 people you are following. That is it. I could go on about to much spam etc but it is just that I cannot hear what anyone is saying.

It is not just you, it is not personal. I want to have a conversation, not a following.

That’s just it.  Twitter isn’t about conversation.  Twitter is about opening lines.  If you don’t like the noise, get out of the bar and to a more intimate place, like your blog, your website, your Facebook page, your email or the holy of holies…your telephone.  That is where you can get down to some serious business!  Twitter is just a chance to test your opening lines.

Last week, I got a great lesson on Twitter from a professional web marketer.  He developed a following that exceeded 10,000 people.  He told me in great detail how he did it.  He concluded by telling me how he was banned by Twitter.  It’s a pretty permanent thing.  You can’t reclaim your user name.  It’s like a slap in the face from a pretty woman you came on to with a weak pick up line.  This web marketer also had the same complaint Murray Newlands did…there’s too much noise when you follow thousands of people.  Then we asked ourselves, “How many people besides web marketers follow thousands of people on Twitter?”

Probably not very many.

Even though there’s great technology out there, you can’t automate human interaction through social media.  There would be a lot fewer divorces if we could!

I approached Twitter like I think a lot of other people do.  I followed some people I knew.  From there, I followed people I thought I ought to know.  Right now, I’m following 40 something and being followed by 50 something.  That is perfectly manageable because only 30% of the people I follow tweet with any frequency.

Ideally, I would have a follow to follower ratio of 1/1000.  In that equation those few people who I followed would only deliver the sagest of advice, while my legions of followers would be waiting with bated breath for the next gold nugget of wisdom I would drop.  Dream on.

Reality is we only have so much time and attention.  If people I follow waste it, they’re going to get unfollowed pretty quickly.  I was following a service that made job updates.  Nice, right?  It was simply a tweet of every new Craigslist post in SLC.  There was no added value and they tweeted with the frequency of a Robin with the runs.  I unfollowed after a week of that nonsense.

How is your Twitter pick up line going to be received?

The ideal answer is a migration of the conversation to someplace a little more private.  In the digital world, that would be your blog, email or telephone.

Your pick up line could be ignored.  Indeed, it’s likely to be ignored.  80% of Twitter advances are.

It could get you slapped!  If you send out the wrong message you will be virtually slapped by being unfollowed.  If your pickup line was especially bad, you may get negative word of mouth or banned completely from the service.  Aack!

What are good Twitter pick up lines?

Propositions…that are good for the receiver.  If you follow me on Twitter, then I’ll give you a good chance to win free Jazz tickets.

Questions…that inspire curiosity.  Who are Utah’s top bloggers?

Information…that leads to something you wrote.  Following Danny Sullivan, I notice he typically links to his own material.  So do I, unless I find something amazing which I have to share.

Don’t over do it.  The old tagline for financial advice was, “When E.F. Hutton talks, people listen.”  How much would he tweet?

Remember that Twitter is a pick up line.  Less is more.  Our friend Joey had more than enough success with a simple, “How you doin?”  Don’t over do it with frequency of tweets or quantity of follows.

  1. October 20, 2009 at 8:16 am

    Great post as I’ve been thinking about my own “Tweeting” practices. I have hundreds of followers and find that I never actually go to the site but tweet from a toolbar as I work most often. So how narcicistic is this? Well, considering that I’m assuming that what I say outweighs anything I might “hear” from anyone else, pretty. I think your bar analogy is perfect…and I’m rethinking my own account(s) now 🙂 Thanks!

    Tina Klinesmith


    • seobyswaby
      October 20, 2009 at 8:28 am


      Thanks for the comment! Don’t feel bad. This is new technology. The sooner you adapt is the better your business will do.



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