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Hire an SEO Company Before Redoing Your Website

hired gunLast night I glanced over a site for a potential SEO client.  My understanding is it had recently been redone or “refreshed.”  From a design standpoint it looks pretty good.  From an SEO standpoint it needs a lot of work.  I mean a LOT!

That’s good for me if I get hired on, but it’s not good for my potential client.  They just paid probably some pretty decent money to get a site redesigned and they’re going to hate to hear some of that money will have to be respent either to me or the web design company to make the “on page” changes I’ll recommend.  If only they had hired me first.

There’s a few good points to think about in this example.

1.  Despite the awareness and knowledge about SEO, web design companies are still not offering it.

2.  There are web design companies out there that don’t know anything about SEO.

3.  Businesses are following the same process for the web they did ten years ago.  If I build it, they will come.

Good questions to ask your web design company are how much SEO experience do they have and what kind of SEO considerations will they make in designing the site.

Website redesigns are fraught with peril especially if the current site already has some good rankings.  Changing hosts, changing the software running the site (ASP, PHP, HTML) and changing the site structure or page names will KILL your current traffic.

Here are some SEO considerations to think about when redesigning a website:

1.  Do you want a custom description on the search engine results page depending on which page your visitor finds you on?

2.  Do you want your site navigation to be easy for your visitors and search spiders?

3.  Do you want your page names to be descriptive of the content that resides on them?

4.  Do you want images on your site to be descriptive of their content?

5.  Do you want every opportunity to use descriptive text for your navigation?

6.  Do you want a clear call to action on every page your visitor sees?

The answer to all these questions is YES!  The question to your web design company…before they start designing…is HOW?  If they don’t have an answer, you need to hire an SEO company.


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