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Analog Marketing Using Meetup.com

cocktail-partySometimes we forget with all the technology surrounding us that ultimately the ideal business contact is a person sitting in front of you willing and eager to listen to your message.  Is it not?

I call it analog marketing…the ability to spread my message one person at a time.  In this digital age, it seems counter-intuitive, yet ultimately the “decider” after any marketing message is a human.

Since I started SEObySwaby, I’ve been focusing my marketing on the Internet.  Client number one I found before I started the blog.  Client number two came as a result of this post.  Thanks to meetup.com I talked to potential client three, researched potential client four, met potential client number five and have a meeting later today with potential client six.  All these potential clients have the ability to refer me the next customer that will make my business a success.

Back in the day, face to face, one on one or small group presentations were something I engaged in on a semi-weekly basis.  It’s a great way to meet people you personally might want to do business with as well as strike up some sort of partnership.

About two years ago I was trying to find a similar opportunity but was unable to find anything online.  Either these groups had disappeared or gone underground.

Last week, after my failed Tucker Max premiere event, my buddy Strider suggested I join Meetup.com for a local event.  Remembering how well I had enjoyed such networking events in the past, I quickly jumped on board.  Type in your zip code, enter your topic of interest and there is a meetup group for you.

I actually feel blessed in the quality of groups I’ve met so far.  They have far exceeded my expectations.  The group I went to last night provided three different business opportunities for me.  The meetup event I attended today was filled with web marketing pros.  It was nice to talk some serious shop.  I know I learned a few things and I believe I was able to reciprocate.

Two things have struck me so far:

1.  Nobody understands the potential of the Facebook business page.

2.  I’m getting killer attention for not having a printed business card.  In the past, this was a huge no-no.  Now it’s a curiousity factor.  I’ve capitalized on it by being able to send custom messages to people I’ve recently met.  That’s something their business card doesn’t do.

It’s easy when you’re only managing a handful of cards, but I believe it’s scalable.  I have a card that lands in an email box whether that be a computer or mobile phone.  It doesn’t get accidently lost.  When I get home and process their card, I input it to my email and toss the card.  All that paper gone to waste…

Balancing your marketing is a good idea.  Sure I’d love to only attract quality leads by marketing online, but ultimately it’s the human factor that will close the deal.

No matter where you live, there’s a meetup group near you.  I searched through dozens of pages in Salt Lake City full of different types of groups.  Ultimately I found half a dozen that seemed like a good fit.  So I’ll give them all a try.  You’ll also meet people who travel the different groups in your area that will give you advice on which ones are best so you don’t waste an afternoon or evening on a poorly attended event.

I’ll let you know if this continues to work for me.

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    Ah!!! at last I found what I was looking for. Somtimes it takes so much effort to find even tiny useful piece of information.
    Nice post. Thanks


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