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Thinking out Loud

thinking out loudThis is just a quick little post to discuss some things that are floating around in my head.  I’ve got a couple great ideas for post subjects, I just haven’t had time to sit down and put them all together.

This week I promise.

Timing and Traffic

I’m wondering why Friday’s are such a slow day for this site.  I’ve managed enough websites that I know each one has its “slow” day or days.  For business sites that’s typically the weekends.  Entertainment sites I’ve managed pick up on the weekends.  For this site, it’s Fridays.  It’s just such a huge drop off and I don’t know why.

Should I even make fresh posts on Fridays?  I guess that’s the question blog authors that aren’t getting any traffic ask.  Why write for nobody?  The answer is you may not be writing for anybody today, but you will be writing for someone in the future.

When I wrote my web copywriting article, it immediately got ranked on Google, but then quickly faded.  Now it’s my most popular page, but I wrote it over a month ago.  So I guess I’ll keep writing on Fridays.  You never know what will become popular.

What do you want to know about social media?

I’ve been selected to write an upcoming article in Utah Pulse for the Social Media Minute.  What should I write about?  Facebook?  Twitter?  Sidewiki?  Let me know if you have a burning question and I’ll come up with the answer.

How your visitors see your site.

I had my site reviewed this week by a member over at Bloggeries.  She liked the site, but wrote

My only complaint is that I couldn’t find a way to follow you through Facebook, Networked blogs or google friend (my favorite ways to follow). I am following via twitter.

My link to Twitter is about 12 pixels away from my link to Facebook.  But the Facebook link is text, not a graphic.  This is good feedback.  I now have some cool graphic links for social media at the top right side of the site.  Did I remove the text links?  No.  Some people will see those, while others will see the graphics.  I’ll let you know how well this works out.

Upcoming posts

Tomorrow we’ll have the weekly carnival recap.  I know of four carnivals I got published in this week.  There might be more.  Sometime in the coming week, I’ll take you on a Facebook phishing expedition.  And I’ll talk about some reputation management.

Thanks for listening to me think out loud.  Feel free to leave a comment or question.

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