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Blogger Quick Tips – Sidewiki

blogger quick tipsPlaying around with Sidewiki has been kind of fun.  I feel like the invisible man going around to various sites and leaving messages on their page.  Few site owners are claiming their sites.

Here’s what I’ve found out so far:

A sidewiki comment will only show up on the single page you comment on, not site wide.

You can personalize your Facebook business page, but not your individual profile.

You can’t personalize your Twitter account.

It is so easy to share your comments on Twitter and Facebook.  You can also publish them to a blog or email them.

Because of this capability, Sidewiki will have SEO implications, particularly with the profile comment history.

Go ahead and download Sidewiki so you too can see the invisible graffiti tags of the application.

There are ways to block Sidewiki, but nobody knows how lasting those tactics will be.

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