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Three Ways to Out Rank Your Competitors on Google

head to headTaking on the big dogs is always hard to do.  That’s what I did when I started optimizing for “Salt Lake City SEO.”

One of the fundamentals of SEO is established sites tend to out rank new sites because they have more links and more content.

While researching for that post, I found I could easily out rank my competition on the blog side, but out ranking on the website side would be much more difficult.  That’s OK.  I have a plan.

Use established sites to gain search engine ranking

There are probably a million sites to leverage to get a good ranking, but I like to submit to sites that will duplicate my work through RSS.

Article Directories

The easiest way to do this is submit content to article sites.  Article sites have been around a lot longer than any new websites, so they’ll show up in search engine results higher and sooner than anything else.  They also act as a filter for the visitor because if someone reads my article, then comes to my site for more information, it seems they are becoming a pretty well qualified prospect.  I only submit to article sites that allow anchor text so I am maximizing my time.  Other websites that use syndicated content take those feeds as is, so my anchor text gets duplicated all over the web.  I can even submit older articles from this site verbatim without worrying about a duplicate content penalty.

I am currently submitting articles to three of my favorite directories.  I will let you know how that turns out.

Press Releases

Press releases are one of my favorite ways to generate buzz, branding and inbound links.  They are great for new sites because the fact you’re launching a site is newsworthy in itself.  Press release sites not only distribute to major news sites, they also utilize RSS so blogs and other news aggregators scrape and publish your content.  To get the best distribution and the ability to use anchor text, it will cost you money, but the exposure is well worth it.

The key to writing a successful press release is making it newsworthy.  While it’s worth the money spent just for the links and the distribution, ideally you want to generate a release that will create press.  Too many web marketers submit press releases that are poorly written or just plain spam.  By taking the time to write something newsworthy, you will create something worth your effort.

I have not submitted any press releases yet, but I came up with two newsworthy ideas I think will generate some press.  I’m still working on some details, but plan to have idea one fully implemented this week.

Directory Sites

While doing some research on my targeted key words, I found some localized directory sites I thought would be worth submitting to.  Besides Blogtopsites and Blogtoplist which I always submit to, I found Blogcatalog and MerchantCircle.  Much to my surprise, I found the following for my key phrase a couple days ago:

Hi front page of Google!

Hi front page of Google!

Over time and after implementing some of my other strategies, I believe this site will rank in the top ten, but for now I’m pretty pleased.  Look out big dogs, I’m nipping at your heels!

If you want a hint about the future of SEO, this is it.  Other sites are the place you want to be; Facebook, Twitter, Directories, Google Maps, etc.  Don’t believe me?  Ask Seth Godin.  He’s launching Brands in Public, a content aggregator for companies.  For $400 a month you can get some pretty cheap SEO, but the idea has its detractors.  No matter how much people hate it, it’s going to happen.

Embrace change.

  1. October 18, 2009 at 9:59 am

    I agree, Press releases, Article directories, and Diretory submissions are excellemt ways to increase your blog or websites SEO rankings.

    Excellent article.


  2. February 19, 2011 at 7:01 am

    Found this article by accident and have to admit everything you wrote is still actual. Thanks!


  3. February 23, 2011 at 11:52 pm

    I Would like to add few more points which can increase SEO rankings, forum postings, commenting on niche blogs also helps you a lot.


  4. March 3, 2011 at 10:45 pm

    I’m wondering what effect google’s recent “farmer” update is having on article directories because in my own experience I have seen that most article directories are primarily overloaded with low quality articles, most of which are duplicate content because they have been submitted to dozens or even hundreds of directories.


  5. August 31, 2011 at 7:35 pm

    Even though this post is old, and things have changed a great deal, some of it is still relevant. Article marketing definitely gives me the edge over my competitors, specifically because they’re not doing it.


  6. October 3, 2011 at 8:52 pm

    These are all excellent suggestions, Nigel! In order to make your business website findable online, you’ll need to court Google and other search engines by doing some of the following basic things to start. Making sure your title tags (what shows up in the blue bar at the top of an internet window and in the search engine description) are relevant and unique. Making sure your meta tags (kind of like chapter titles within your website) are up-to-date and unique. Making sure you use items that search engines -like Google- like. (relevant videos, articles, documents, etc)

    Of course, backlinks are very important and there are so many more techniques you can use, but I beleieve those are the best places to start.

    Your suggestions about articles and directory sites will be high on my list in the near future!

    Thanks for your generous advice!


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