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Blog Carnival Recap – 09-27-09

carnival recapIt’s time for a new feature here at SEO by Swaby…the weekly blog carnival recap.

As I’ve told you, a blog carnival is a great way to get strong inbound links for content you’ve already written.  Now that I’ve got a few articles written, it’s time to promote again.  Carnivals are one of the best and easiest ways to do that.

Since my topic focus is quite wide, I’ve been fortunate to submit to nearly a dozen carnivals last week.  Because they don’t all publish at the same time, here’s what I’ve got so far:

Carnival of Social Media – Looks like a new one.  Could be good.

Working at Home Carnival – Been around for a while.  Lot’s of different subjects.

Blogging Blog Carnival – Still waiting to achieve maximum potential.

Blog it and Earn it Carnival – One of the better carnivals I’ve seen so far.

More carnivals will be coming your way next week.  Did you notice that some articles listed have a summary paragraph?  This was submitted by the author and can be a way to make your article stand out from the others.

I’ve got a lot of great articles coming out this week on this blog including:

Luxury car dealer completely messes up email campaign


Three ways to outrank your competition on Google.

Plus we’re looking for Utah’s top blogger.  Stay tuned!

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