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Blog for a Job – Three Ways to Succeed

ikea_job_interviewWith unemployment in America soaring to nearly 10%, it’s now more important than ever to be able to distinguish yourself to employers.  Many people start writing blogs for personal reasons or business reasons, but finding job is a great reason to write one too.  This is especially true if you’re currently unemployed.

I’ve found that having a blog to provide as a reference is even more powerful than having a resume.  You can lie on a resume, but you can’t lie on a blog.  Your visitors will confront you if you do.  Plus a blog gives a potential employer true insight into how you think and how you write.

Blogging has become accepted as a legitimate profession, so it gets media attention.  I’ve been reading some stories in the media about people blogging for jobs and found that success relies on being one of these three types of bloggers:

  • Being an expert
  • Being unique
  • Being strategic

Elizabeth Ragone became an expert after she was bought out of her position at a clothing store.  She turned to the Internet to help with her job search, build a personal brand and do consulting work.

Ragone also put more emphasis on social networking and created a blog with her résumé and experience on the job hunt “to establish a personal brand.”

In the meantime, Ragone started a small consulting business to help pay the bills. “It was the best of both worlds: openly looking but employed and therefore more desirable,” Ragone said. “I wasn’t desperate.” She chronicled her activities on her blog.

When she found the job she wanted, Ragone showed them her blog –

She pointed them to her blog which elaborated on her knowledge of e-commerce and business. By April she was hired, and in May she relocated with her family and started her new career.

Everybody has some expertise in something.  Hopefully it’s in your career field, but even if it isn’t, blogging can show an employer how you think, how you write and even how you market yourself.

Brianna Karp has a unique story she blogged about that gave her a job and a bunch of media attention which has landed her another job.  Like many other Americans, Karp found herself homeless after losing her job as an executive assistant.  She detailed her struggles finding employment, parking the inherited travel trailer she was living in and shopping for thrift store clothing on her blog.  As a result, she recently won an internship with Elle magazine and has been profiled nationally and internationally.

If you don’t have a super inspiring story to capture media attention, don’t worry.  What’s your passion?  For Leslie Hall it’s tacky sweaters, spandex and performing gay marriage ceremonies in Ames, Iowa.

In April, Iowa became the third U.S. state to legalize gay marriage, and that got Hall’s wheels turning.

“I mean, talk about Iowa business opportunities popping up at even the darkest of times,” she said.

The $299 package includes a ring bearer, a cake from Dairy Queen, two songs performed by Hall and a ceremony in any style the couple chooses.

Her plan seems to be successful –

Now, Hall said, she’s in talks with HBO for her own show.

“You just try and make money through your art any way you can and I’ve just been lucky enough to do it through music, fashion, photos and performance,” Hall said. “I think I can take this all the way to Hollywood.”

Being strategic is what helped Renee Libby land a job in her advertising field.  She used Twitter to follow people in advertising and formed 140 character relationships by tweeting relevant news and links to her own articles.

To connect to others, users choose to “follow” them and then gain access to their tweets. Once someone receives an alert that they have a new follower, they often reciprocate.

Libby successfully used this strategy to get a freelance position which soon turned into a full-time job.  She’s even making more money than she did at her former employer!

Rachel Gold is strategically scheduling interviews with companies that aren’t hiring in hopes of landing a job.

She has focused her job search on social networking Web sites, making contacts with recruiters that could someday lead to a job.

Each week, she sets up meetings with potential future employers even though there may not be jobs open at the time.

And yes, she blogs.  She writes about things she’s doing and enjoying New York City on a budget.  Gold has also posted her resume on her site.  While she’s still looking for employment, I believe her personal word of mouth campaign with employers that may not quite be ready to hire today will work out for her.  National media exposure on CNN can’t hurt either!

If you’re one of the nearly six million Americans who is out of a job right now, why not start blogging?  If you have expertise, passion or a strategy, blogging can help you find a job.  Personally I think someone who doesn’t have any Internet presence is almost as bad has someone who has a negative presence.  You don’t have to blog to get on Google.  Join LinkedIn, or Facebook or Twitter and you’ll be able to find like minded people.  Blogging will give you something to do while searching for a job, plus it will update your writing, typing, reading and software skills.  Keep the rust off!

  1. October 1, 2009 at 11:12 am

    I don’t know If I said it already but …Excellent site, keep up the good work. I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks, 🙂

    A definite great read..Jim Bean


  2. February 23, 2010 at 4:55 pm

    My blog got me a job more than once. I started blogging because they have a built in search engine. I have a bad memory and this meant I could find what I read and my thoughts about it. All it was at first was a history what I was learning about web marketing. Then I got to try it. Then I saw that web marketing worked.
    Blogging can make you a better writer. It can help you make friends. You can make money. But I still blog (and now tweet) most of all because I love doing it.


  3. August 12, 2010 at 10:22 pm

    Blogging can change anyone’s life. Whether you are a job seeker or employer, writing a blog can give you results better than you expect.


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