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Downtown SLC

Downtown SLC

A couple weeks ago a long time reader Zack asked,

Any advice on doing SEO for local businesses? I am fairly familiar with SEO but would like to concentrate on helping my local market.

Zack, you have come to the right place!  For two years I ran a hyperlocal real estate blog for Salt Lake City.  Within a few months I had top Google rankings for search terms like “Salt Lake Real Estate” and “SLC real estate.”  It was easy to do because that was my subject matter.

It gets harder is when your subject matter is broad, but you want a specific audience.  This site right here is a good example.  I have a super broad subject.  I can do the work anywhere.  My clients don’t need to be in Salt Lake or even Utah.  But how would it look if I tell people I’m an SEO expert and my site doesn’t even show up for local listings?  Not very good.

Two things you can do right off the bat is include your address on your site.  When Zach made his comment I realized that nowhere on this blog did I have my Utah location.  I had a phone number, name and email, but no address.  Since I currently have a home office, I don’t think it’s necessary to plaster my residence all over the web, so I just included the city and state.  If I get a little bigger, I’ll rent a P.O. box and use that.  People will often search using a zip code, so I think that could be of benefit.  When the Swaby Online Media empire grows to its climactic peak, maybe I’ll have a commercial office, but until then a P.O. box will suffice.

The second thing you can quickly do to get local search engine rankings is have a page or a domain with the local area you want to get ranked for.  In this instance, the URL for this post will be https://seobyswaby.wordpress.com/2009/09/09/salt-lake-city-seo-local-search-engine-optimization which will be just fine for the spiders.  The spiders don’t read hyphens so I’m going to have a killer optimized URL for Salt Lake City SEO.

Zach, who wrote the original question, has a great site optimized for his location…Tampa SEO Company.  His URL has his keywords, his site is loaded with relevant copy and it’s also got his address at the bottom.  Zach is even doing well on the search engines for his key terms.

I think what Zach’s question pertains to is when he lands a client like “Bill’s Widgets” that has an exclusive Tampa customer base.  Zach can’t very well sit down with Bill and say, “I need you to change the name of your company to Tampa Widgets.  Oh, and you’ll need to change your domain name too.”  The key will lie in making some adjustments to the copywriting on Bill’s “about us” or “FAQ” pages and including a company address on the site.

Recently I was doing some research for a client and found they ranked very well for certain Utah county terms simply because of their address showing up in the page description in the search engine results.  The page is annoying because it has a video that automatically starts on load, but you can’t argue with the search result.  Sometimes the simplest fixes are the best solutions.

There are many other ways to take advantage of local search including Google maps and pay per click.  However, these two basic steps will get you going in the right direction.

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