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SEO Secrets…They Don’t Want You to Know


I was a little amused by the comment that was left the other day on my article about getting good search engine resultsPaul wrote,

Anyway, you do realize you’re revealing stuff here that most SEO companies charge a fortune for! I hope your readers are grateful to you, as this is SOLID stuff.

This reminded me of a comment I saw on another post a little while back that echoed the same sentiments.

As an SEO professional and/or consultant, your product is essentially your knowledge. By sharing all the knowledge that you spent months or even years of hard work learning during the interview process (before a contract has even been signed), why on earth would the company doing the interview pay you the big bucks to do what they can have an entry-level employee do with the knowledge given to them by you?

Interesting thoughts.  As a SEO specialist, should you keep your knowledge or secrets to yourself?  If you never want to have people talk about you or never want new jobs/clients, then yes, keep your secrets.  The fact is the SEO business is quite transparent.  If I see a top ranked competitors site I can do three things the most talented SEO can’t hide –

1.  I can read the site.  I visually look at the page and see what has been written, how it has been written and how many times the keyword I found the site with has been used on the page.  (Keyword density.)

2.  I can read the code.  A simple right click, view source and all the meta tags, page structure, CSS, H1 tags, redirect scripts and whatever else is there become instantly visible.

3.  I can see who links to the site.  If you go to Google or Yahoo a simple “link: http://www.thedomain-name-you’re-researching.com” (linkto: for Yahoo.) will reveal which sites are linking to the domain which is a big clue as to why it’s ranking well.  A page rank above 4 or 5 will usually give you a good idea too.

Those are the SEO’s secrets in a nutshell – copywriting, page coding and linking.  There, I’ve said it and revealed all.  With that knowledge, can you go out and get top rankings for your website or blog?  Of course not.

Knowledge is part of it, but experience is a bigger part of it and you can’t teach experience.  I have it.  It makes me faster and better at any SEO job I do than say an entry-level employee with SEO knowledge.

Willingness is another part of it.  I know what to do and I’m willing to do it.  I could teach a business owner how to maximize search engine results for their website, but are they willing to do it?  Do they have the time?  Unless their business is SEO, there’s something that business owner has better capabilities of doing and focuses all of their effort on doing just that.

How about that entry-level employee?  They’re willing, right?  Sure they are, but how do you know they’re doing it right unless you have someone to follow up and manage them that also has SEO knowledge?  Now you’ve got two employees working on SEO for your company that may have some of my knowledge, but none of my experience.

It’s not a bad thing to share knowledge.  In reality there is so much about SEO I’ve learned over the past decade, I really couldn’t share all of it…even if I blogged about it for the rest of my life.  Blogging about legitimate and established SEO practices will establish credibility and build trust, something that’s very necessary when starting a business.  Besides, knowledge sharers have a very established position in the marketing cycle.

Am I afraid of sharing good tips about search engine optimization?  Am I scared of telling you what I’ve learned about blogging?  No, and I’ll continue to do it.  You just keep coming back for more.


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